So did I…all of $95 (professionals have seen 2 million hands, i.e. you are not winning regularly, so keep the stakes low, like me, $10.50 was the fee lol). 4055 entries, I finished 50th, for $85. LOL.

The point of why I do this and stream it? Poker hands and the entire tournament require knowledge of probability, variance, and uncertainty. All of them are then related to PRICE and PAYOFF. Oh, hello.

That means the young people you know are familiar with the correct understanding, but that incorrect and inexact diction, and/or uninvited philosophies distort what is scientifically true.

This is a clip from the Live Stream

If you watch TV or have the internet, you cannot escape a DraftKings or FanDuel advertisement. It’s simply a variation on a well-known exercise, which is entirely like building a portfolio.

I mentioned CALPers, Vanguard, BlackRock and added Fidelity (-20.04% YTD, yikes, not including today).

It’s 2 minutes long…that easy.

Very Unsurprisingly…from LAST YEAR

I have receipts, the displacement was apparent last year.