Snap Circuits — Green Energy features more than 125 projects. | Source: Elenco Electronics/The Toy Insider

It ain’t easy being green — unless you’re Elenco!

With Snap Circuits — Green Energy, kids can explore clean energy concepts through more than 125 projects. We all know that being environmentally conscious is the way to go, but kids can actually learn why and how alternative energy is better for the planet — and have fun along the way.

Do you know your geothermal energy from your hydrogen fuel cells? Today’s kids are more curious than ever about green energy, but the answers to their burning questions aren’t always ones we know the answer to. Maybe your kids can teach you a thing or two after they get through this set!

The Think Green educational manual that comes along with the set electrifies education with facts about everything from fossil fuel to electric vehicles. I — a 26-year-old who writes about toys for a living — found myself learning a number of new things. The manual is written with kids in mind (and quite possibly writers who did poorly at science in high school, like myself), so it is easy to comprehend the information.

The Snap Circuit set itself features more than 45 parts that can be rearranged in a number of ways. Projects range from a simple hand crank to an everything circuit (It does everything!). Colorful images show kids exactly which parts they should place on the circuit board and where. There’s also a friendly little circuit character on every page that gives tips and explains information.

Kids closer to age 8 might need their parents’ help to get the hang of the first couple of projects, but they should be alternative energy engineers in no time.

Clean energy is the future, and kids are the ones who will be enjoying it! Snap Circuits — Green Energy is an electric way to get a step ahead.

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