Kids can learn the powerful tricks of the brain with the Aha! Brain kit. | Source: MEAndMine

Growing up can be a lot of hard work, especially when it comes to developing big feelings. But with social-emotional learning (SEL) kits from MeAndMine, kids can learn to embrace their emotions and work through their feelings, all with a dose of STEM.

These kits are categorized by different learning topics, including self-worth, decision making, emotion intelligence, and social skills. These topics help kids learn empathy, teamwork, body science, and more. For example, kids can learn how food travels through their body in the Aha! Digestion kit, how to identify strong emotions in the Aha! Tantrums kit, and how to communicate clearly in the Aha! Teamwork kit. These kits are recommended for kids ages 4-8, which is the prime time for SEL.

The MeAndMine kits are available as part of a new subscription service that includes online learning resources; 2-4 hands-on projects; and a 32-page, full-colored book each month. Parents can personalize their plan by selecting which issues kids struggle with the most, such as social conflicts and anxiety, then MeAndMine will recommend a list of helpful kits. Subscriptions cost between $22-29 per month based on the duration, which ranges from paying monthly to prepaying for three, six, or 12 months at a time.

To get kids started on their path of social-emotional learning, visit the MeAndMine website. For a limited time, MeAndMine is also offering 50% off the first month using the code “SUBSCRIBE.”

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