The Dreamhouse Jumbo Mega Playmat comes with two chairs and two dog figures. | Source: TCG Toys

Barbie has had quite a few iconic homes over the years, from her Dreamhouse and Malibu Beach House to her pink camper. But thanks to TCG Toys, there’s another option for kids who want to play house with Barbie and her friends. 

The Barbie Dreamhouse Jumbo Mega Playmat from TCG Toys reimagines Barbie’s classic dollhouse as a two-dimensional, foam playmat for kids ages 3 and up.

The playmat is printed with an illustration of the house with different rooms visible, including an office, a bedroom, a living room, and some lounge areas. There is also a garage door, a front door, and a water slide on the roof.

Of course, kids can’t physically interact with these elements the way they could with a doll house. But the playmat is an excellent tool for imaginative play. As kids sit on or next to the mat, they can use the different spaces of the house to stand or sit their dolls and accessories, crafting tales about life in the Dreamhouse. 

Kids play on the Barbie Dreamhouse Jumbo Mega Playmat | Source: TCG Toys

Kids can also add other accessories and elements to the playmat — the garage door, for example, is a great parking spot for a physical Barbie car or bike. The mat even comes with some accessories for this purpose: two pink, Barbie-size chairs and two pet dogs for Barbie and her crew. The inclusion of these accessories is an especially nice touch because it means kids can play with the toy right out of the package and it helps jump-start their imaginative play. Just think of all the adventures those dogs can get up to in the Dreamhouse!

The mat itself is also of very good quality and is an impressive size, measuring about 5 by 4 feet. It’s easy to wipe clean, too, in the event that dirt gets tracked onto the mat. If you don’t want the mat to be a permanent fixture in the playroom, it also rolls up easily for storage. 

This colorful, new take on the iconic Dreamhouse is a great addition to any play space for Barbie lovers. It’s great for saving space, offering functional decor, and encouraging imaginative play!

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