The Maxx Bubbles Bump ‘N Go Bubble Dino is a self-walking bubble machine that is packed with prehistoric fun! | Source: Sunny Days Entertainment/the Toy Insider

Get outside and play with this new prehistoric friend! 

This bubble machine stomps into summer and combines two of kids’ favorites: bubbles and dinosaurs. The Maxx Bubbles Bump ‘N Go Bubble Dino from Sunny Days Entertainment is a self-walking bubble machine that’s perfect for bubbly summer fun. It’s able to move and spin across the sidewalk, porch, or driveway as it roars out a continuous stream of bubbles from its mouth. (Pro tip: The dino works best on flat surfaces, like pavement, as opposed to grass.)

Designed for kids ages 3 and up, this roving dino will encourage preschoolers to get up and move as they follow it around and pop the bubbles. The roaring sound effects also give them the added bonus of imaginative dinosaur-themed play. So playtime can go on uninterrupted, the Bump ‘N Go Dino is designed to walk and turn itself around when it encounters an obstacle, so preschoolers can keep the bubble fun going. The dino’s head and tummy also light up to keep kids engaged during playtime.

In addition to the active play, parents will love that it comes included with 4 ounces of bubble solution, which can be easily loaded into the machine by feeding the bubble beast and pouring it into its mouth. The added movement gives classic bubble play a more engaging twist, which will keep kids’ attention for longer. 

Although it’s packed with fun, the Dino is an easy enough size to take on the go, so your summer fun doesn’t have to stay at home. Keep kids active at the park, at Grandma’s, at friends’ houses, and more! 

Give the summer staple of bubbles a dino-mite makeover with the Maxx Bubbles Bump ‘N Go Dino! 

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