Discover the wonders of the ocean at this free event. | Source: Crayola Education/the Toy Insider

Today is World Oceans Day, an international event dedicated to uniting the world in protecting and restoring our oceans, and Crayola wants to celebrate it.

The creative brand teamed up with OceanX, a global ocean exploration nonprofit, to offer kids a virtual classroom event. This free event, entitled “The Art of Learning: Ocean Exploration,” will use art, technology, and creativity to bring the wonders of ocean exploration to kids across the globe. 

The event transports participants into the depths of the Red Sea, guided by OceanX’s Head of Science Operations Mattie Rodrigue. Joined by two other OceanX scientists, she is currently exploring the aquatic life and weather conditions of the region aboard the research vessel OceanXplorer. Rodrigue and the other scientists will share insights into OceanX’s deep-sea technology and how they use creativity in their careers. They will also answer kid-submitted questions about brine pools, coral reefs, sea life, and how the way we see the color of the ocean is affected based on how deep we go. 

Crayola Education Manager and artist James Well will also show viewers how to create colorful coral reefs inspired by those found in the Red Sea using Crayola washable project paint, watercolor paint, crayons, and a sponge. 

“The Art of Learning: Ocean Exploration” airs today, June 8, at 7 p.m. EDT. Viewers can RSVP for the live event here or stream it on-demand any time after the event airs here.

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