Little Guides to Great Lives new book designs | Source: Laurence King Publishing/the Toy Insider

Even books can have makeovers!

Laurence King Publishing (LKP) has redesigned the Little Guides to Great Lives book series. This paperback biography collection introduces kids to some of the most inspirational historical figures from all over the world in a fun way, blending informative and humorous narratives with colorful illustrations

Little Guides to Great Lives: Frida Kahlo | Source: Laurence King Publishing

The first four figures to receive the redesign are Anne Frank, Frida Kahlo, Leonardo da Vinci, and Nelson Mandela. While staying true to the original covers’ artwork, the fresh book designs use eye-catching colors and hone in more on the featured individual. They all use the same decorative motifs appropriate to the historical figure from the original covers, but restyled in an almost symmetrical design. For example, Frida Kahlo is surrounded by macaws, eyes, brushes, the Mexican flag, and more, while Anne Frank’s cover is decorated with planets, cakes, books, pens, and ink. 

The first four new book designs will be available on June 28 on the LKP website for $9.99 each. The next installments in the series include Charles Darwin and Marie Curie, making their fresh debut on Aug. 9.

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