These toys are great for kids of all ages! | Source: HABA

Break summer boredom with these new toys from HABA! 

The Elephant Discovery Pillow | Source: HABA

The Elephant Discovery pillow is a snuggly sensory toy that’s sure to delight infants and toddlers. It features a rattle ring, a mirror foil, crackly ears, a teething ring, and a squeaking bird for endless fun. Intended for infants 6 months and up, this toy retails for $69.99. 

The Logical Master Builder Blocks | Source: HABA

Looking for a challenge? The Logical Master Builder Blocks, priced at $49.99, is a set that includes building blocks and cards. Kids ages 5 and up can pick a card and recreate the design with blocks. The cards range in difficulty and can help refine spatial awareness and imaginative thinking. 

Snug Up Mason | Source: HABA

The Snug Up Mason and Snug up Jada are the perfect nap time buddies. Infants 6 months and up will love cuddling with these soft plush dolls made from cotton and polyester. The adorable dolls also make the perfect travel companion for infants and preschoolers. Each plush toy is $24.99.

The Terra Kids Magnifier | Source: HABA

Calling all explorers! The Terra Kids Magnifier, priced at $24.99, is a super-cool magnifying glass. Designed for kids ages 4 and up, it features three different enlargement options so kids can investigate all of their backyard discoveries this summer

The World of Animals Game Box | Source: HABA

The World of Animals Game Box ($24.99) features four background images and 62 magnetic tiles for non-stop imaginative fun. Preschoolers ages 3 and up can attach the animal to the background and swap them out whenever a new adventure comes along! The background is attached to the box for easy clean-up and storage.

King of the Dice Board Game | Source: HABA

Family game night gets a mystical upgrade with the King of the Dice Board Game. Kids 8 and up can meet creatures like dwarves and fairies as they use skill and a little luck to find space for the fairytale creatures to live. The game retails for $39.99.

Animal Balancing Act Stacking | Source: HABA

With the Animal Balancing Act Stacking set, preschoolers ages 2 and up can create scenes by stacking the farmyard figures on the meadow or match the farm animal to the corresponding tile and stack accordingly. This is a great combination of education and fun at just $34.99!

These new toys make great screen-free alternatives for kids of all ages to explore this summer. These toys are available on Amazon and HABA’s website.

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