Lightyeat Core Basic Figures set featured in the series | Source: Disney/Pixar

In celebration of Lightyear releasing in theaters on June 17, Disney and Pixar have created a short video series to showcase the upcoming, out-of-this-world toys. In the three-part series, Buzz Lightyear and his team undergo Space Ranger training and take on Zurg in intergalactic combat. Check out the videos below, as well as more details about Mattel‘s newest action figures and ships featured in the series.

The Core Basic Figures set ($9.99) brings together Buzz Lightyear and his ragtag team as 5-inch, poseable action figures. Each figure features 10 movable joints, so kids can recreate the characters’ signature poses, and each figure comes with at least one accessory. The 5-inch Core Feature Figures ($16.97) add even more mechanical movements to the space ranger’s team. Each figure includes a blaster or another movie-inspired accessory. 

For even bigger battles and adventures, the 12-inch Laser Blade Buzz Lightyear figure ($29.99) and his Laser Blade DX are ready to fight. The talking figure makes more than 20 sounds, including sword-whistling sound effects and multiple phrases. Kids can squeeze his legs together to release a series of dynamic lights, sounds, and actions. The perfect opponent for Laser Blade Buzz Lightyear is the 10-inch Core Zurg figure ($19.99). The features features 13 moveable joins, so kids can recreate his signature intimidating poses and pit him against the intergalactic Space Ranger. 

The Lightyear team will need transportation around the galaxy, which is where the Hyperspeed Series Ships ($11.97) come in. Each nimble spacecraft includes an era-matching, 1.5-inch mini character figure to pilot it. These 6-inch ships come in jets, cruisers, pods, and Buzz Lightyear’s XL crafts. The pilots will need to be ready to take on the Hyperspeed Series Zurg Fighter ($20.99), featuring Zurg’s dominating spaceship and a 2.25-inch Zurg mini-figure. With button-activated missiles and landing gear, kids can create realistic battle play and take down Lightyear’s prime enemy. 

Blast & Battle XL-15 | Source: Mattel

Finally, kids can go on the greatest hyperspeed adventures with the Blast & Battle XL-15 ($41.99). This 20-inch, jet-style spaceship includes a 5-inch Buzz Lightyear figure and a winged jetpack. Kids can pull the lever under the vehicle to shoot projectiles from both wings and recreate a signature moment from the movie. 

These Lightyear toys are available now at major retailers, including Amazon, Target, and Walmart. Prepare to blast off on intergalactic adventures!

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