Rainbow High Dolls | Source: MGA/the Toy Insider

The Rainbow High crew is welcoming six new dolls to create the brand’s most diverse and inclusive collection of characters yet.

Rainbow High’s fourth series maintains the fabulous glam of previous collections with the addition of a fashion doll with albinism, a character of South Asian Indian descent, a doll with vitiligo, and an Asian doll. Each doll proudly boasts its individuality with bold accessories. From chic eyeglasses to cowboy boots and even mehndi, every character offers a unique style for kids to identify with. 

This line is part of MGA Entertainment’s larger effort to promote representation and self-expression. By introducing characters with a wide range of skin tones and appearances, the Rainbow High dolls offer an opportunity for kids to see themselves in their dolls, embrace what makes people unique, and learn about other cultures.

The new Rainbow High dolls will be available to purchase later this year at global retailers including Amazon, Walmart, and Target

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