“The Ball That Does it All” | Source: PMI

Spin back the clock a few years to say, 2017, and you might recall a time when fidget toys came out of nowhere to strike a nerve as the hottest craze to sweep the nation. Like the Pogs of the early 1990s, kids everywhere had to have them all, and a particular variation — fidget spinners — led the charge, popping up everywhere that they could possibly be sold, from toy stores and mass retailers to gas stations and the local bodega.

As the story goes, the spinner craze burned brightly, and perhaps, like Icarus, flew too high, to kiss the sun before a spectacular flameout. Of course, that’s being a bit theatrical, because fidget spinners never went away, but now, they’ve finally evolved.

A company called Mejjjet launched the Original Zzzopa Fidget Spinner Ball in Australia a couple of years ago. It was an immediate success, combining the kinetic action and familiar holding pattern of a fidget spinner into a nicely weighted ball. Kids can spin it, bounce it, throw it, stack it, and catch it. It’s been dubbed “the ball that does it all.” 

Destined for a bigger audience around the world, Zzzopa was acquired by PMI last year, and now families everywhere can get in on the fun. Zzzopa isn’t just for kids: Adults will love it, too! Zzzopa Fidget Spinner Balls come in solid colors or in styles that mimic popular sports balls, like a basketball (Slamdunk), a tennis ball (Ace), a soccer ball (Goalll!), or my personal favorite, a baseball (Homerun). I’ve had one on my desk for months, and have been known to give it a spin throughout the day.

The Toy Insider‘s James Zahn gives the Zzzopa Homerun a spin! | Source: The Toy Insider

Beyond simply having fun, it’s been said that there are therapeutic benefits to fidget spinners, and many educators agree. One of my daughters’ teachers has several Zzzopa balls that they picked up at the local Learning Express store for this very reason: They can help kids tune in and gain focus.

And kids will want to collect Zzzopa balls, too! More than 20 unique styles of Zzzopa Fidget Spinner Balls are already available in two sizes: regular and mini. This fall, the first licensed Zzzopa balls will hit the scene as PMI introduces a quartet of balls inspired by the characters of Rovio’s Angry Birds game

Ready for a spin into something new?

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