Octonauts: Above & Beyond | Source: Silvergate Media

Animal lovers, prepare to explore, rescue, and protect!

Silvergate Media has announced that the fan-favorite animal rescue team will return on May 2 for the second season of Octonauts: Above & Beyond

The new season follows the debut of the Octonauts spinoff series last September that saw Captain Barnacles, Kwazii, Peso, and Dashi of the original eight-member underwater rescue team head out of the water to help land animals. They were joined by the new hero Paani, an expert on all of Earth’s waterways, as well as an extended team of Octo-agents from around the world.

In the new episodes heading to Netflix, the Octonauts will continue to explore dynamic landscapes, experience new climates, rescue animals, and protect the land they live on. The new season will include a 22-minute special, Rainforest Rescue, in which the Octonauts embark on an adventure through the Amazon rainforest canopy to rescue a baby eaglet, plus the introduction of three new Terra Gups to the Octonauts’ land-based vehicle fleet.

The new season’s release lines up with Moose Toys’ rollout of the new Octonauts Above & Beyond toy range coming this summer. The collection will include figures, vehicles, playsets, plush toys, and more to accompany existing Octonauts lines.

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