Enter to win a platable copy of The Lorax. | Source: Dr. Seuss Enterprises

It’s always a great time to start taking care of our planet, but an even better time with Earth Day right around the corner.

Dr. Seuss’ classic book The Lorax teaches kids to treat the planet with kindness and speak up for others, introducing environmental conservationism to kids in a relatable way. The book came out in 1971, but it’s still as relevant as ever with a “go green” message to protect our trees and make a change one small seed at a time. 

This year, kids can get their hands on plantable copies of The Lorax printed on paper made with wildflower seeds. Once kids are done reading, they can place the book in soil with a little water, and it will sprout into real wildflowers. On Earth Day, (Friday, April 22), anyone can enter to win a copy of these sustainable, hand-pressed, hand-stitched books. Only 10 copies will be made. To enter, all you have to do is follow @drseuss on Instagram or Facebook and tag three friends in a comment. The winners will be announced on April 29.

Even if you don’t win, you can still pick up a copy of The Lorax printed on recycled paper (not the plantable version, though) here for $7, or look for other environmental-themed books like 101 Ways to Help the Earth and Let’s Go to the Garden with Dr. Seuss’ Lorax! Families can also check out special worksheets and printables from seussville.com, such as the Earth Day Pledge sheet, the Lorax coloring book page, and the Activity Idea Gallery. 

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