Simone Summers (left), Phaedra Westward (center), and Margot De Perla (right) | Source: MGA Entertainment/the Toy Insider

The world of Rainbow High is taking a trip to the West Coast for fashion and fun in the sun! MGA Entertainment’s Rainbow High Pacific Coast doll line features students from Pacific Coast High, the most elite fine arts school on the West Coast.

Pacific Coast High is home to the seven most fashionable students: Finn Rosado, Bella Parker, Simone Summers, Harper Dune, Hali Capri, Margot De Perla, and Phaedra Westward. Recommended for kids ages 6 and up, each themed doll comes with a comb and coordinating poolside accessories, including a beach cloth towel, a stylish hat, a tote handbag, and sunglasses. Some accessories are interchangeable between various Pacific Coast High dolls, but not every accessory fits every doll. 

Hali Capri and accessories | Source: MGA Entertainment

Kids can also remove an extra article of clothing from each doll to reveal a fashionable swimsuit underneath, then reattach the outer layer with a fabric fastener when it’s time to leave the beach and return to the classroom. 

The coordinating outfits and accessories are tailored to the personality of each Pacific Coast doll. It’s all good vibes with Margot De Perla as she struts her stuff in simplistic, white-and-gold apparel and lets her shimmering hair down. Phaedra Westward is all about self-care and skin-care — and drama! Her big ponytails and wave-tastic swimsuit show off her big personality. 

Harper Dune | Source: MGA Entertainment

The dolls are fully articulated and posable with bendable wrists, arms, and legs. Each doll also comes with a second pair of legs that kids can swap so that the doll can wear either flat sandals or high-heeled shoes, depending on the feet. Kids can easily switch the doll legs by pulling at the base of the knee until the legs pop off. The other pair slides easily onto the keys under the knees and makes a clicking noise when properly attached.

Parents will appreciate that each Pacific Coast doll also comes with a three-piece stand that is simple to put together. Kids can place their doll in a stunning pose and show it off on a shelf until it’s time for another day in the sun. Kids can also check out the Rainbow High Pacific Coast animated series on YouTube, then recreate the sandy adventures of the west coast students with their dolls!

The Rainbow High Pacific Coast dolls are always ready for a splashing trip to the beach after a long day in class, so the imaginative play possibilities are endless!

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