StickyLickits are edible stickers that encourage kids to eat healthy. | Source: StickyLickits/the Toy Insider

Getting kids to eat their fruits and veggies would be a lot easier if they could decorate their food with edible, colorful stickers. We’re aware this sounds outlandish — impossible even.  But, thanks to one entrepreneurial grandma in California, kids can have their stickers and eat them too! 

StickyLickits are 100% edible stickers made from wholly natural ingredients that kids can attach to a variety of different foods. Using the bite-size stickers is simple: Kids can lick the stickers, stick them on their fruits and veggies, and eat their creations. Each pack comes with 30 edible stickers with a tapioca base that replicates the sweet tastes of marshmallows and cotton candy. 

Ryan’s World Pack | Source: StickyLickits

Previous StickyLickits designs feature popular characters from kids’ programs like Sesame Street, PAW Patrol, and SpongeBob SquarePants. The latest line of StickyLickits is set to roll out this month, featuring 9-year-old Ryan’s World influencer Ryan Kaji’s animated alter egos: Red Titan, Super Spy, and World Tour. 

These tasty treats aim to nurture a healthy relationship between kids and food. The fun and familiar designs of the stickers make otherwise scary foods more inviting for kids, and their sweet flavor will keep them wanting more. The stickers can be individual snacks, shared among friends, or taken on trips: No matter what, Stickylickits make super foods super awesome! 

Parents can find Stickylickits at Walmart for $19.99. Prepare for some finger-lickin’ fun! 

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