BYJU’s Magic Workbooks Featuring Disney | Source: Osmo

Inspiring kids to learn outside of the classroom can certainly be a challenge — especially when it comes to subjects like reading and math. Osmo is changing that one Disney character at a time with the new BYJU’s Magic Workbooks Featuring Disney and BYJU’S Learning App!

Premium Kit | Source: Osmo

The Premium Kits inspire kids to practice, play, and learn with a host of interactive activities with Disney themes. Offered in five different grade levels ranging from pre-k to G3, the app and activity books offer personalized learning opportunities focused on development of language, grammar, reading, numeracy, and more. 

Kids can learn alongside beloved Pixar and Disney characters with the BYJU’S Learning App featuring more than 1,000 educational activities, such as video lessons, read-along stories, and interactive quizzes. The material is individualized to meet kids at whatever academic level they are at and offers more than 60 hours of skill-building activities. The app is compatible with the iPad and the Amazon Fire tablet. 

The Magic Workbooks present interactive activities that aim to develop and build the skills kids work on in school. Offering both paper and digitally-enabled activities, the workbooks focus on grade-specific math, language, and reading content. Parents can synch the workbook activities to the tablet to provide real-time feedback. 

At a price of $199, the Premium Kit includes a one-year subscription to the mobile app, a collection of Magic Workbooks, a base and a reflector to hold the tablet, three WizPens that work as styluses, and 12 wax crayons (only available in the pre-k to first grade kits). It’s available now at May all your kids’ learning wishes come true! 

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