Source: What Do You Meme?/the Toy Insider

It’s not always easy to get your little ones to open up. And while it’s not always fun, it can be! What Do You Meme is making open conversation the name of the game with a new collection of question-based cards. 

The Let’s Get Talking game includes three levels of cards: “Light Questions,” “Big Questions,” and “Bigger Questions,” which each feature questions that, as the names suggest, get increasingly more personal and philosophical. Designed for kids ages 8 and up, the cards are meant to facilitate dialogue among family and friends that is both challenging and stimulating. 

The first rule of the game sets a positive atmosphere: The person who last said something nice to another player is the first to draw and read a card. This player can draw from any of the three decks, though choosing from the Light Questions first is a safe bet, since these can act as ice breakers. Questions like, “If you opened a store, what would you sell?” or “Do you like clowns?” are a great way to light-heartedly engage players. 

Let’s Get Talking | Source: What Do You Meme?/the Toy Insider

Participants will take turns drawing cards, and they can decide whether everyone answers the question on the card or only one specific person. I found that the conversation flowed better when each player answered every question. Bigger Questions like, “Do you think the world is filled with mostly good people or mostly bad people?” led to some heated, Socratic-style debates. 

Let’s Get Talking prompts inclusive dialogue that often makes players feel closer to one another by the time playtime is done. Suitable for two or more players, this game is the perfect addition to any intimate setting or large gathering! It provides a great, no-tech break from screentime and will lead to lots of laughs and insightful discussions. Kids and parents, all you need is your voice — so Let’s Get Talking! 

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