Squad up with these new additions to squishmallows.com. | Source: Jazwares/the Toy Insider

Restock Alert! Squishmallows fans know how hard it can be to hunt down their favorite plush characters, especially online, but they’re in luck because some new arrivals have hit the official Squishmallows shop.

Say hello to Maui, a 16-inch, yellow pineapple with a green top and a white belly. Skateboards and scuba diving are two scary things Maui is determined to conquer her fear of. She already checked roller coasters and rollerblading off her list. Maui doesn’t like to be scared, so she tries to conquer her fears by trying new things. Can Maui help you overcome one of your fears? Get her here for $29.99.

Mateo is a 16-inch, black Rottweiler with a brown belly. Mateo gives the best hugs — this ‘Mallow is known for spreading smiles wherever he goes. Mateo doesn’t know what he wants to be when he grows up, but he knows that he wants to help people. Get him here for $29.99.

Keely is a 16-inch, light brown kangaroo with a cream belly. Keely is a soon-to-be mommy blogger who wants to start her own painting business. She paints murals for her friends and family and dreams of one day painting a mural for her favorite place to visit, the Opera House! Get her here for $29.99.

Now for some Jumbos. Olga is a 20-inch, teal octopus with multi-colored tentacles and a white belly. Are you looking for a trivia partner? Olga is a history buff like you wouldn’t believe. Olga comes from a family of librarians and learning new historical trivia happened almost daily. Can Olga join your team? Get them here for $39.99.

Say hi to Brina the 20-inch, pink Big Foot. This confident little creature likes going on new adventures. Brina’s favorite season is winter because her favorite sport is snowboarding. She waits all year to participate in the local snowboarding competition. Get her here for $39.99.

Lastly, Roman is a 20-inch, blue-and-green planet that resembles Earth. Need some help making the right decision? Roman is here to help! Roman wants to be a leader when they grow up and knows it’s important to take care of the world we live in. They like to play fair, eat clean, stay green, and think about others. Get them here for $39.99.

These Squishmallows are available on squishmallows.com, but make sure to snag them before they sell out!

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