Source: Magformers/the Toy Insider

Future architects can now build and customize a colorful carnival scene with Magformers Fantasy Land.

Like all Magformers sets, this building set includes geometric pieces that stick together thanks to the power of magnets. What makes this set exciting is that it’s one of the largest Magformers sets in existence, featuring a total of 126 pieces.

The set includes enough pieces to create both a carnival ride and a fantasy house at once. The idea booklet that comes with the set features six different carnival ride builds, six different fantasy house builds, and six different fantasy land builds consisting of both a carnival ride and a house. Kids can also customize their builds however they’d like, giving the set endless play value.

Kids can create fantastical carnival rides and houses with this set. | Source: Magformers

Kids may recognize many classic carnival rides while building, such as a Ferris wheel and a merry-go-round, and they’ll be totally captivated by the colorful, original designs found only in a fantasy theme park. The fantasy houses also come in many shapes and sizes, including a lighthouse, a battleship, an airport, and a fairytale-inspired castle.

This Magformers set is recommended for kids ages 3 and up, but it’s suitable for a wide range of ages because each build features a different level of difficulty. The pieces connect together with a distinct “click” sound and form creations that are quite sturdy and don’t fall apart easily, thanks to the strength of the magnets.

Kids can role-play with their finished builds. | Source: Magformers

Kids can put the final touches on their fantasy land by adding in the set’s non-magnetic accessory pieces as well, such as a tower, a car, store signs, tables, chairs, and two 2-inch figures with interchangeable hats.

Overall, Magformers Fantasy Land is a great gift for aspiring architects and carnival lovers. The set’s unique and customizable creations will not only develop kids’ construction skills, but also stimulate their senses with vibrant colors and Magformers’ satisfying “click” sounds.

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