Mountains Out Of Molehills Board Game | Source: The Op

Making a mountain out of a molehill usually means exaggerating a small problem, but kids are actually inspired to build their molehills to the skies in this new board game. 

Mountains Out Of Molehills from The Op gives moles the control in a light strategy board game. 2-4 players can compete to control the most mountains and pile their molehills as high as possible. 

Mountains Out Of Molehills game contents | Source: The Op

There is another hill to overcome as well. Mountains Out of Molehills features a two-level game board to add another layer to the fun. Players ages 9 and up can make their moves on the lower level and watch their molehills rise on the upper level. 

Players can take turns making their moves by blocking the paths of their opponents with rocks, changing directions, and toppling piles to cover as much of the board as possible. After six rounds, only one mole will rise to the top and be declared the “top tunneler.” 

Mountains Out Of Molehills is available for preorder now on The Op’s website and from various retailers for $39.99.

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