Barbie Cutie Reveals | Source: Mattel/the Toy Insider

Barbie can pull off any look, whether she’s strutting her stuff in the trendiest fashions or getting cozy in a fuzzy, animal-themed costume.

Mattel is expanding its Barbie repertoire with the new Barbie Cutie Reveal dolls featuring furry costumes that would look right at home at an Easter brunch. Recommended for kids ages 3 and up, each Barbie Cutie Reveal is filled with 10 surprises to unbox, including a posable Barbie doll, a fuzzy animal costume, a regular outfit, accessories, and sponge-comb, and a mini pet. The assortment includes a puppy, a panda, a bunny, and a kitty.

Kids can lift the costume head to reveal a Barbie doll with long, colorful hair and twinkle-shine face details. There are four surprise bags inside full of clothing and accessories. The costume top turns into a fleece jacket for Barbie and the costume head turns into a bed for the mini pet.

The doll also has an exciting color-change feature: Kids can use ice-cold water to transform the doll’s face with animal face paint and to “open and close” the mini pet’s eyes. The details will change back with warm water.

Discover all the cute surprises with Barbie Cutie Reveal, available now for $24.97 each.

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