The new Digimon X colors | Source: Bandai America/the Toy Insider

Growing your virtual pet collection is just as fun as playing with them! Bandai America revealed four new Digimon X colors, available for preorder now.

The Digimon X launched last year as an updated version of the original Digimon virtual pet toy that originally launched in the ‘90s. Recommended for kids ages 8 and up, the digital monster features a screen and three buttons, and the entire device is attached to a keychain so kids can take it on the go.

Similar to Bandai America’s Tamagotchi, Digimon X is a digital, pixelated creature that kids can play with and nurture, but with Digimon X, kids must also train it and prepare it for battle. Kids can physically connect their Digimon to a friend’s via a port at the top of the toy to battle. The Digimon X has features like the Dice Roll Attack, a new quest mode, and Digimon facial expressions. With the ability to still connect to past devices, fans welcomed the new Digivice with open hands and an eagerness to continue the battle.

The Digimon X devices are already available in more than a dozen different colorways, but Bandai America is launching four more colors: translucent red and gold; translucent purple and silver; metallic gray and gold, and metallic navy and silver. The new wave will launch on March 32 and is available to preorder now on Amazon.

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