LEGO and NASA introduce the Build to Launch: A STEAM Exploration Series. | Source: LEGO Education

With LEGO and NASA, kids can do anything — even go to the moon!

LEGO Education is partnering with NASA for a free, digital STEAM learning series. Build to Launch: A STEAM Exploration Series is a 10-week series that is specifically designed to spark student curiosity and increase engagement in STEAM through the upcoming Artemis I space mission.

For kids that daydream about eating astronaut ice cream, the series includes interactive episodes and open-ended prompts that are grouped into three categories: Getting to Space, Testing and Transport, and Working in Space. Each lesson highlights and explains different NASA careers.

The lessons were created in collaboration with NASA to inspire kids about STEAM learning and the Artemis I. The first of a series of lunar missions, Artemis I aims to enable human exploration on the moon and, eventually, Mars. Kids will exercise their problem-solving and collaboration skills while learning about some of the most important jobs that contribute to a space launch. They can get hands-on while designing prototypes and working together to build and assemble parts, similar to the stacking of the mission’s Space Launch System rocket.

As the series progresses, kids can follow along with the LEGO Space Team Set, which includes LEGO minifigures featuring flight members and ground crews as they prepare for a general mission. Students and their teachers also have the option to tune into weekly student press conferences on the LEGO Education YouTube channel. During each episode, LEGO Minifigures Kate and Kyle and their NASA counterparts will field questions about the next mission.

Future scientists and space engineers will have a blast learning with LEGO and NASA! The Build to Launch: A STEAM Exploration series premieres in September.

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