‘Molly of Denali’ | Source: PBS Kids

Climbing North America’s highest mountain is an adventurous task, especially for kids who dream of reaching new heights.

Follow along with 10-year-old Alaska Native Molly Mabray as she learns all about Denali, North America’s highest mountain, in a Molly of Denali movie heading to PBS Kids Prime Video in June. Kids can also go on other animated adventures with new episodes of Dinosaur Train and Elinor Wonders Why.

In Molly of Denali: Molly and the Great One, Molly learns about Grandpa Nat’s dream to reach the top of Denali in honor of Walter Harper, a real-life Alaska Native and the first person to ever reach Denali’s summit. She helps him and her father prepare for the expedition while her friend Trini Mumford prepares for her mother’s first visit to Qyah. Molly of Denali features Native American and Alaska Native lead characters, all voiced by Indigenous actors. The one-hour movie launches on the streaming service on June 8.

Help kids celebrate the father figure in their lives with a Dinosaur Train Father’s Day special premiering on June 11. In Dinosaur Train: Father’s Day, the Pteranodon Family visits Troodon Town for a big Father’s Day celebration. After the Conductor sees the celebration, he becomes curious about what happened to his own father. His mother decides that he’s ready to learn the truth and shares a story about how his brave conductor father built an experimental drill train to tunnel into the future. She believes he was tunneling to the Cenozoic Era, in which there were no dinosaurs, and he never returned. The Conductor decides to tunnel into the future with the new drill train to rescue his missing father.

Four new episodes of Elinor Wonders Why will also hit the streaming channel on June 11. In volume six of the series, the kids are smelling flowers, but Ari cannot smell anything due to his stuffy nose. This makes Elinor wonder why we need to smell at all. Ari’s attempts at building the world’s tallest toy block tower fail as the tower keeps falling over. He searches for inspiration from a special field trip to the forest. Elinor’s father has a birthday coming up and he’s excited to go camping.

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