How to Become Famous on YouTube/Blog?

YouTube is the second largest search engine that is widely used to entertain and educate the audience. It has 22 billion monthly visits and is getting popular among people of all age groups. If you are a content creator or marketer wanting to increase your YouTube views and blog popularity, the process will take effort and time.

However, when you do things in the right direction, you will be rewarded with a better user experience, more views, and opportunities to enhance your audience and content viewership. Whether you are teaching people or sharing recipes, YouTube can reach billions. So, how do you generate more views and get people to know your content?

Here are some things you should need to consider to become a famous YouTuber and blogger.

Use Descriptive and Keyword-Rich Titles:

An exciting and descriptive title will do two things. It provides keywords for the algorithm and also informs users about what the video is about. You can use different SEO methods like keyword planners to conduct keyword research. Optimizing your video content will help you get organic views by informing users with the right keywords.

Use of High-Quality Descriptions:

The Video description is the thing that helps users to know what exactly the video is about. It will also increase the click-through rate and views when users learn about your video from the attractive description. Always try to capture users’ interest by using high-quality descriptions and optimizing your content correctly for the YouTube search engine, just like the SEO Meta description.

Use Tags:

YouTube video tags can be beneficial to differentiate between your video content. It also helps the algorithm to know what users will view when they see a video. So the tags, title, and description should reflect the purpose of your video and content. However, some other helpful ways to become famous on YouTube/ blog are:

  • Optimize your thumbnail image
  • Provide content that entertains or educates the audience 
  • Follow the viral trends
  • Make video transcripts
  • Create high-quality video content
  • Use cards
  • Be present with your niche community
  • Increase your SEO ranking
  • Reach out to influencers to promote your content

Remember to be Patient:

Getting a lot of views on blogs and YouTube videos takes time. These online platforms have their checks and balances to make sure that quality content is reaching its users. So you need to be patient and try building an active subscriber base because they will make sure your views.